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Fleece and fleece products available to purchase

  • Mioshi Park Alpacas has numerous colours, microns and amounts of fleece for sale

  • All fleeces have been skirted as best as possible, however some vegetable matter may remain

  • Examples of the fleeces available are below

  • Buy as much or as little as you would like, just contact us for your requirements

  • We can also offer to turn your chosen fleece into batts, bumps, felt or balls, skiens or cones, contact us for your requirements


Light Fawn by Moonstone

Micron: 19.1

Comfort Factor: 98%

Average Length: 115 cm

Weight: 1000 grams

Fleece no: first fleece (cria fleece)



Solid Black by Moondancer

Micron: 28.7

Comfort Factor: 67.9%

Average Length: 45 cm

Weight:  980 grams

Fleece no: 13



Light Fawn by Bellena

Micron: 23.8

Comfort Factor: 93.8%

Average Length: 85 cm

Weight: 1180 grams

Fleece no: 4



Light Brown by Queen Mary

Micron: 22.5

Comfort Factor: 94.4%

Average Length: 75 cm

Weight: 1520 grams

Fleece no: 4



Light Fawn by Trevoray

Micron: 20.4

Comfort Factor: 95.8%

Average Length: 75 cm

Weight: 1660 grams

Fleece no: 4



Light Brown by Caylissa

Micron: 23.5

Comfort Factor: 89.1%

Average Length: 100 cm

Weight: 1340 grams

Fleece no: 2



Dark Brown by Barcelo

Micron: 20.9

Comfort Factor: 95.7%

Average Length: 95 cm


Fleece no: 2



Black by Treacle

Micron: 29.6

Comfort Factor: 63.5%

Average Length: 60 cm

Weight:  980 grams

Fleece no: 7



White by Peyton

Micron:  23.1

Comfort Factor: 90.7%

Average Length: 85 cm

Weight: 1060 grams

Fleece no: 3



White by Angel

Micron: 27.5

Comfort Factor: 75.6%

Average Length: 70 cm

Weight:  820 grams

Fleece no: 7



Fawn by Cadla

Micron:  25.6

Comfort Factor: 88.4%

Average Length: 65 cm

Weight: 980 grams

Fleece no: 12



Fawn by Claudia

Micron:  22.3

Comfort Factor: 95.2%

Average Length: 70 cm

Weight: 900 grams

Fleece no: 10


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